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June 7, 2018

May 18, 2018

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June 7, 2018

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sshhh, were not telling everyone but here's how to SAVE MONEY ON YOUR WEDDING BAR.

November 14, 2017


We all talk about it and for good reason, having great drinks, and plenty of them, is super important for your wedding day. First, you want to have your favourite drink. This is the biggest celebration of happiness and there is no reason to compromise on your flavour for the day. Second, you need your guests to feel like celebrating and to thank them for being here on your wedding day its nice to have a good drop.


When organising your wedding bar think about the choice you would like to offer. We think ....

3 types of beer is a good start; one craft, one lager and a light or mid should be a great mix.

Two varieties of white and red wine and one variety of sparkling will keep everyone merry.

A cider, a lot of people enjoy and prefer cider to beer these days.


You might like to think about a few bottles of your favourite spirits and consider offering service of these after a certain time (8-9pm maybe, depending on when you all started).

Talk to your bartender, who, in most cases, will be really happy to accommodate, give suggestions and be flexible about your requirements. (If they're not you might like to reconsider hiring them, just saying!)


Oh, don't forget the teetotaller. We all need the designated responsible human to get us home safely and they need to be appreciated and celebrate too. Think about having a spritzer, or a cute and fancy Capri bottle to sip from.




So, of course, there are things to consider here and you and your beau need to first decide ...which type are you?

A. "we would like our wedding reception in an all inclusive venue who has the catering and drinks packaged and provided to us at the venue pricing"

B. "we would like to design our own wedding where we can select a caterer, create the style and mood and bring in our own personal touch to work within our budget"




If you are type B. then that is where we can help. When you visit a venue its easy to pay $7-10 per drink and when you visit the bottle-o the price is more like $2-3 per drink. (24 bottles of beer in a carton | 5 glasses of wine in a bottle). At a wedding its a good guideline to expect people to drink about 1 ½ drinks per hour, this is a celebration after all. Over 5 hours, that equates to, lets say 8 drinks. Lets do some simple maths.



I've been conservative with the maths here. Some venues will charge you more and others might have a package which equates less. Same with purchasing your own, you can go all top shelf if you want to. Even so, working with a mobile bar provider will absolutely help you to save money on your wedding day.


We wont skimp on service.

We pride ourselves on bringing simply stunning bar service to you and your guests, we take all the hard work out of building your own bar (think bath tubs, running out of ice, keeping a tonne of drinks cold, hiring glassware) and we will provide staff who are trained and truly delightful.


Hopefully, I have helped to lay things out clearly. Maybe you haven't yet decided if you are an A or B and this info will give you more information to lead to a decision. However it works out, if she can, Tinker would love to be a part of your dream day.


*inclusions in 5 hour hire for 80 people. Delivery & setup, travel within 90 km's of Maroochydore, QLD, 2 x RSA staff, flutes, wine and tumblers to 80 of each, vintage barware, ice boxes to 400litres, ice.



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